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I provide several editorial services, united by meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to clarifying and enhancing written communication. See below for more information on my copy editing, proofreading, fact checking, and translation services, then contact me for a free quote and to discuss how my skills and experience can serve your communication goals.


Your research brings new understanding to your field and marks an important contribution to the global marketplace of ideas. Ensure that your passion and insight reach a wide audience and invite engagement with clear, concise, and elegant language. My editing produces sharp, fluent documents that prioritize authorial voice and intent.

I copy edit in Chicago or specific journal styles to ensure that your argument is the focus of your article or book. I have extensive experience editing the work of both native and non-native English speakers, and I can also check and format references in any style.

Clients include Routledge Press and the peer-reviewed journal Translation and Interpreting Studies, where I'm the editorial assistant. Samples available upon request.

Allison is one of the best editors and proofreaders whom I have ever met. I've been a writer, editor, and proofreader for 25 years, and Allison is my first choice for copy editing and proofreading. Allison has an exceptional eye for detail, and she possesses encyclopedic expertise in a variety of editing styles. Allison also has an outstanding work ethic and is immensely driven. She always submits work ahead of her deadline, and she improves everything that she touches.

                                                                                                              —Michael Bluhm, Open Markets Institute


Clear, informative language is vital to successfully report news from around the world and within local communities. As a copy editor, I advocate for both writer and reader, remove barriers to effective communication, and promote mutual understanding.


Journalism presents unique challenges, including source dignity, objectivity, and journalistic integrity. My experience as a journalist guarantees careful attention to these issues, and my expertise in academic copy editing makes me adept at facilitating communication between experts and non-experts.


I have over five years of experience copy editing global and local news, primarily for Global Press Journal and Charlotte magazine. Samples available upon request.


Everyone needs a copy editor, and I can copy edit pretty much anything. I'm familiar with multiple style guides, including AP and Chicago, and I can learn yours. I also hold a certificate in copy editing from the American Copy Editors Society. No matter your message, I'm confident that my conscientious editing and attention to detail will help you achieve your communicative goals.

In addition to academic and journalistic copy editing, I've copy edited children's books in English and Spanish, websites, and fiction. Clients include Enchanted Lion Books and Asymptote Journal. Samples available upon request.


Proofreading is the last, vital step before communicating your message. While less intensive than copy editing, it requires the same—if not more—obsession with detail, to catch those last errant spaces and misspellings. This stage in the editing process can also include double-checking and updating links and references. I've proofread annual reports for a global news organization and influential policy white papers for Open Markets Institute. Results of my meticulous proofreading are available by request.


As a lead fact checker for Charlotte magazine, I help ensure that each issue of the city magazine is accurate and airtight. I bring the same nuance and careful attention to fact checking as I do to copy editing, and I provide crucial nuance and insight to the editorial process. My work produces flawless reporting and removes distracting errors from the author's argument and ideas.


I hold a master's degree in Spanish translation, with a specialization in literary translation. My translations of fiction by Chile's Arelis Uribe and Andrea Maturana have appeared in Asymptote Journal and The Massachusetts Review. I've translated a children's book for Cocorocoq Editoras, and my translations of journalism have appeared in Global Press Journal. I've translated educational materials, including poetry, for MPS Limited, and I regularly edit Spanish to English translations by other translators.

I've also consulted on translation practices for Global Press Journal, where I developed an industry-leading translator recruiting and training curriculum. I approach translation and translation consulting with knowledge of the field and the challenges of translation in theory and practice. I have undertaken various translation methods to meet the needs of clients, and I'm happy to work with you to develop the right approach to reach your target audience. Samples of my translation are available here and upon request. You can also view my profile on ProZ.

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